Sunday, April 1, 2007

New Round Ripple And Doily For Nancy

I have been trying and trying to decide what color and type of yarn I was going to use for my best friend/sister Nancy's round ripple afghan and was not having very much luck. Then one day I was bound and determined to find just the 'right' yarn for her. After much looking and matching up, I found the perfect colors for her. I worked up a little of it to make sure the colors were right, then sent her pictures of it. She loves the colors, so it is a go. I am having so much fun making this for her.

It was hard to get the colors to show 'true'. I still haven't gotten it right. It is an extremely hard color to get to show 'true'. It is Rose Violet and Blue Mint and a little Black to accent them. The 'true' color of the Rose Violet is somewhere between the two pictures. I will keep trying to get the colors right in the pictures.

I am also making her this doily. It is working up quite nicely, considering this is only the third time I've worked with thread. This is #3 thread, in Teal and Rose. I'm gradually working my way to #10 thread.

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