Monday, April 9, 2007

Making Slow Progress On Nancy's Rounder

Nancy's round ripple is taking much longer than Dusty's to finish. I am using different yarn for hers, and it is thinner (but softer), so it takes more rows to make it a big one. His was 37 rows, and I am on row 43 of hers. I am close to being done, though. I have done more than what is in the picture. I have done one more row of black, and another section of the blue mint. I am putting one more row of black and one more section of the rose violet, then will decide if it is big enough. If it is, I will put the edging on it and call it done!! I hope it will be, because it is taking forever to go around this thing. Once I get this done, I need to finish the one I am making in thread for her, then I can get it in the mail for her.

Once hers are done, I have an order for 1 rounder, I have 1 rounder on hold, plus I got an order for a 2 strander. Looks like I will be busy for a while.

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