Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Bed Rest Projects -- Part One

I have been on bed rest since March 5th and I am going a little bit bonkers. I have degenerative disc disease, and it has gotten much worse in the past year. I had excruciating pain in my right leg along with numbness and weakness, so I made a Doctor's appointment, It usually takes a week to get in to see my Orthopedist, but I was able to get in 2 days after I called. I was put on bed rest and was given pain pills and muscle relaxers. When that didn't work, my next option was to have an epidural, and since bed rest and medication wasn't working, I had the epidural. It did take most of the pain away, but I have more numbness in my leg than I did before, which makes walking difficult when you can't feel part of your leg. So when I walk, I have to either use crutches, one crutch or a cane. I don't get out much and when I do go out it is usually to the Doctor, the pharmacy or to the grocery, and I don't go anywhere alone. I have been mainly camped out on the couch, since I feel so lonely in the bedroom.

I have been able to crochet quite a bit and do some stash busting. Luckily I have a lot of yarn. I think I would have gone over the edge if it wasn't for my crocheting. I have made dishcloths, washcloths, a camera case and 4 afghans, with 2 more afghans in the works. I made a regular ripple, a round ripple, a big lapghan, and a 2 strander.
I wasn't able to get a picture on the ripple yet. I have a ripple and a 2 strander in the works, along with other UFO ghans that have been sitting here for a long time, Maybe I will get to those soon, since it looks like bed rest will continue for a while longer.

Time to grab my hook, yarn and get hooking. I hope to have the 2 strander done soon, but I am not sure if I will have enough yarn to make it the size I want it to be. I will work on it until I am out of yarn, then see if I can find anymore of the colors(s) I need to finish it. I hope to have pictures of my latest projects soon.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My New Couch With MY Ripple Ghan On It

My couch was delivered this morning, and here it is!! They called me on Saturday and told me it would be delivered between 8:50 and 10:50 AM, and one of the delivery guys knocked on my door at 8:45. The couch was in it's place and the guys were on their way by 9:00. They had a little trouble getting it in here since it is a pretty good size couch and they had to tip it this way and that way to get it in the front door, dodge the railing on the stairs, then make the turn into the apartment. It is a good thing that this isn't a sleeper sofa, which is what I was originally going to get. Those suckers are heavy, and with all the different ways they had to turn it (angle it this way, angle it that way, tip it up on end, etc), they would have had a struggle. But it made it here safe and sound, and is so pretty and comfortable. It is so comfortable that when I laid down on it to watch TV, I fell asleep and took a 2 hour nap.

I love how good the ripple ghan looks on it. I think I made the right choice putting this one on the couch and not the other. The RR is now on the toy box turned coffee table.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Made A Ripple Ghan For ME

I had some Choco Cherry left over from another project and decided it was time to make myself a ghan. I love making Round Ripples, but I needed a break, so I made a regular Ripple Ghan. I used this pattern. It is super easy and works up fast. I made a ripple for my Mom with this pattern and loved it. For this one, I used RHSS Choco Cherry, RHSS Fusion, RHSS Coffee, and ILTY Ivory. I am going to be making another one and when I make the next one, I am going to make it wider. This one will mainly be used for grabbing it and snuggling when I need a lighter ghan than the 2-strander I made. Now all I have to do is wait one more day for my couch to be delivered.

Citrus Fall - Another Round Ripple

Well, I did another one. Yep, made my 19th Round Ripple. I had some of the Citrus Variegated left over from another RR, so I decided to use it for another RR. I did this one in slightly different colors. I am trying to keep this one for myself since I think it will look great on the back of my new couch that is coming tomorrow. If it doesn't look good there, Hilly said to use it as a rug in front of the couch. But I have hit a snag in my plans.....Dusty saw it when he was home from college a few weeks ago and said he wanted it. When he stopped by Friday night, He asked me if it was done and if he could take it back to school with him. So I have to decide if I will keep it or let him have it. He already has 2 2-stranders and a RR. I have made 19 of these RR's and I STILL don't have one for myself. Decisions, decisions.

I am also making a RR for my supervisor's new baby. I don't want to post pictures until it is done.