Thursday, December 27, 2007

Five Of The Round Ripples I Made For Christmas

Well, Christmas has come and gone for 2007, most of the presents have been delivered, so I can post pictures of the Round Ripple's I made. I used yarn from my stash for these. I had all of the variegated already, and I just had to buy a few skeins of the black. They are my version of a Stained Glass RR.

This is the RR I made for my Mom. This is the color of variegated yarn she commented on the most in her Side to Side Ripple I made for her when she was in the hospital, so I decided to make it with that. Her RR is the inspiration for all of the RR's I made this year.

This is the RR I made for my Dad. He sees me crocheting all the time when he comes to pick up Hilly or to drop her off. He made the comment that this one 'Looked Manly', so right then and there I knew it was for him.

This one I made for my Derek and Caren (my nephew and his wife). I wasn't sure what colors variegated to use for theirs, so I just grabbed some yarn and this is theirs.

This is the one for Ron and MerriJo (my brother and sister in law). Her favorite color is purple, and since this one has green in it, I decided to use this for theirs.

This is the one I made for Charlene (MerriJo's Mom). She sent a message to me saying I was not to buy anything for her. Well, I didn't buy anything for her, I already had all the yarn, and the yarn wasn't bought specifically for her, so I got by with giving her a gift on a technicality.

I have 2 more to post, but can't do it yet since they haven't been given out yet. They weren't able to be with us this Christmas, so as soon as I see them and give them their RR's, I'll post pictures.

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♥.•*Carol T*•.♥ said...

Good Evening Melanie
I haven't stopped by to visit in quite a while.

I hope you had a very merry christmas, & have a happy new year!!

Your RR's are so pretty!!

You do such beautiful work!!

I hope you are doing well.

I have a new blog, on blogger.

I'm going to add your blog addy to my blog.
Have a great rest of the week!!
Hugs, Carol ( natcat in crochetville)