Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Made A Ripple Ghan For ME

I had some Choco Cherry left over from another project and decided it was time to make myself a ghan. I love making Round Ripples, but I needed a break, so I made a regular Ripple Ghan. I used this pattern. It is super easy and works up fast. I made a ripple for my Mom with this pattern and loved it. For this one, I used RHSS Choco Cherry, RHSS Fusion, RHSS Coffee, and ILTY Ivory. I am going to be making another one and when I make the next one, I am going to make it wider. This one will mainly be used for grabbing it and snuggling when I need a lighter ghan than the 2-strander I made. Now all I have to do is wait one more day for my couch to be delivered.

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