Friday, June 15, 2007

Another Finished Round Ripple (for Janet)

I have finished another round ripple afghan. It was delivered to Janet last week, and she loves it. This one came about after the silent auction. A lady at church (Janet) saw the ones I donated hanging on the wall. She didn't realize they were for sale. When she found out I made them, she ordered one. Strangely enough, I just happened to be making one in the exact colors she wanted. I have no idea why I started making the afghan when I did. They are not colors I would use in my house, because they don't match. I figured I'd make it up, stash it in my crochet closet and I would have it for when I got an order for one, or when I had an occasion to give it to someone. I'd say that was very good timing!

It was extremely hard to get pictures that show the true colors. Hopefully you can get an idea from these 2 pictures.


Maha said...

Your round ripples are beautiful! You have some great color combinations. Do you mind sharing with me where I can get the pattern? Also, about how long does it take you to complete each one? I want to make one for my 2-year old niece, but I also need to make something for her unborn sibling!

Jozzie said...

I absolutely love your color combinations!!!!! Wonderful!

Crochet Buffet said...

This looks great!!!!!!!

I just love the color combinations - I think that is what really makes the same pattern stand out - no matter how many times you crochet one!