Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My First Round Ripple

I have started my first round ripple afghan. I was bound and determined to make one. I fought it all weekend because it just wouldn't lay flat. I was ready to give up, but grabbed some leftover yarn from Dusty's afghan and decided to try 1 more time. IT WORKED! The yarn I had been using was making it wavy. I really wanted to use that yarn, and will try once again to use it in a round ripple. Maybe if I make it a 2 strander, it will work.

Dusty saw the round ripple and asked if it was his since it matches his afghan. So I know where my first round ripple will be going!

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darajo said...

Ok - I thought that if I followed your blogs all the way to the first one surely somewhere you'd mention which pattern you used. There are sooo many round ripple patterns. I'd really like to make yours. You can email me any time you wish. I also have a comment on your profile pic at the 'ville. Is that an afghan? If so, could you direct me to that pattern?