Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Hat For Faith

Christine tried calling me last night but the phone was busy. I was talking to my sister Nancy (and boy, can we talk)!! So Christine sent a text to Hilly asking her to ask me if I could make Faith a Hat. Christine crochets too, but has never done anything in the round. That is why she didn't make it herself. She brought Faith and some yarn over and I whipped up a hat for Faith. It is a 2 strand hat, so it worked up in no time. Faith knows I always take pictures of my creations, so she modeled it for me. Here she is in her coat with her new matching hat.

She left smiling wearing her hat, then they came back in and she asked me in a timid voice if I could make her a scarf to match the hat!! So I made one last night. I need to try it on her to make sure it is the right length. Once I have a picture of her wearing it, I will post that picture too.


Ally said...

Very cute hat, matches the jacket really well! =)

Ghost said...

You have made some fabulous items. Would love to see more.