Monday, August 27, 2007

Kane's Round Ripple

Here is the Round Ripple Afghan I made for Nancy's Grandson Kane. I took some of Hobby Lobby's 'I Love This Yarn' to Florida with me, just in case I needed it. We went to AC Moore (a store we don't have where I live) and I came across some yarn in pound bags. It was a mystery known fiber or weight listed on the bags. I saw a bag of blue and white twist, thought it would make a nice Round Ripple, so I bought it. I used it along with the 'I Love This Yarn' and this is what I came up with. When I started working on it, Kane (he's 4 1/2) stood there in fascination, trying to figure out how I was taking yarn, a hook and making it into a RR. I told him I was making a blanket, I asked him how big it should be, he held out his arms and said "this big". So that is how big I made it. He didn't know it was for him until I was almost done. He got a big grin on his face, asked how much longer it would take to finish it, then said OK!!

On the day we left Florida for them to bring me home and be in Ohio for the birth of their 7th grandchild, I showed it to him, told him it was all done, and asked him if he wanted to take it on the long car ride to Ohio, then back to Florida. He said "no, he wanted to leave it at MeMe's (Nancy's) house so it would be safe". So when they get back home, he will have his pretty Round Ripple waiting for him.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Goodies I Made For Nancy

Here are some more goodies I made for Nancy. She hadn't seen any of my crochet projects in person, only in the pictures I send her. She was amazed that I can crochet with thread. I told her it wasn't as hard as you would think. Well, at first it was, but it didn't take long to get the hang of it. All the thread projects I've made so far have been fairly easy to complete. We will see how it goes when I try harder patterns!!

This is a Round Ripple Table Topper I made with thread.

This is a Round Ripple Doily I made for her in thread.

This is a coaster I made for her in thread.

Some Of The Goodies I Made For Nancy

Here are some pictures of the goodies I made and gave to Nancy while I was down in Florida visiting her. She loved them all (at least I HOPE she did).

This is a White Sweat Pea Shawl done in Hobby Lobby's yarn 'I Love This Yarn'.

This is a Sweat Pea Shawl done it Bernat Super Saver's color 'Wine Twist'.

These are some of the dishcloths I made for her. She liked them, and commented that Jack will like using them to wash the dishes, since he is the one that usually does them. He also used them on the ride from Florida to Ohio as arm and elbow cushions. He would put them on the door and console, then rest his arms on them. No more sticking to the leather!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Almost Vacation Time

In less than 60 hours I will be on a plane to Florida!!! I am so excited. I haven't been down to Florida and/or seen Nancy in 7 years. I have spent the past month making many crocheted things for her. She has seen pictures of a lot of it, but I have kept quite a few things secret from her. She has never seen any of my crocheted items, so I am anxious to see her reaction. I haven't posted any pictures or put much on here, since she reads this. I will post the pictures when I get back.